How I Started my New Life at 90?

Faye, how were things before?

“Before, things were pretty drastic, I was very tired all the time, no desire to do anything, I had no incentive. Even walking from the sink to the couch was a job for me. My blood sugar was shooting up to the 370s, and that was a lot of trouble. Finally they suggested starting insulin, and I said, no way, I have friends that shoot the needle all the time and I wasn’t going to go through that. I thought at my age is probably time for me to be departing, I had given up.

So, how did you start your New Life at 90?  

“One night my daughter came all fired up after she went to Dr Seda’s health seminar and told me, you need to join this program. I said no, I have been to programs and seen many doctors and they all say the same. You are getting up there, you know. I am 90 years old but I felt 190, really.  It wasn’t worth getting up in the morning. I didn’t feel good at all. So I decided to join the Peak Transformation Wellness Program and give it a shot.

Now, how are you doing after finishing the Peak Wellness Program?

“Now, I am happy to say, I am a changed person. I have too much energy; my blood sugar is in the 120s max, without any sugar medication and going down. Now I am down to half a low dose blood pressure pill, and I might need to stop it because my blood pressure is getting too low. I loss 34lbs and I am getting to the weight that I had when I was very young.

Ms. Faye, what would you recommend to somebody you care about, that is suffering with health issues?

That it’s never too late to start; that’s my Motto. Recently I saw some old friends and they just couldn’t believe the way I looked. This wellness program is worth every penny. If these people can spend on a cruise, they can certainly invest money on this, because they will save on medications number one, and they will save on everything, in life, and the way they feel… and is really worth it. Look into it. Now life is worth living; before it was far from it. I exercise now, I do sit and fit, get up and go, water aerobics, I study the nutrition and I am learning every day. I am very blessed and I thank Dr Seda, and my daughter for bringing me to him.”


A new kind of medicine:

Have you ever seen an older couple that looks 10 years younger, have vitality, are happy, engaged in life, and are on very minimal or no prescription medications. Have you wondered what they have done different. Is not acceptable that the 9 out of 10 Medicare beneficiaries feel their health is not excellent. That is what we do, guide patients to a place in which they feel their health is excellent and they are not so dependent on medications and doctor visits.

Dr Seda stated, “As physicians we tend to fall on the trap of blaming your symptoms on age, genetics or some other uncontrolled factor. We are trained to just give a drug that masks the symptoms but we don’t even question the WHY? The truth of the matter is that we now have the technology and knowledge to find out the underlying root cause of most illnesses. Even better, we know what needs to be done to get you to your health goals.”